Peter Jeffrey

  1. Patrick Throughton, Doctor Who, 1966-1969.
  2. Lee Montague, The Legacy, 1977.     Welsh director Richard Marquand’s list for the hotelier, Grandier,  were Joss Ackland, Peter Arne (also up for the immolated Liebnecht), Ian Bannen, John Carson Frank Finlay, Ian Hendry, Peter Jeffrey.  Also in the literal horror was Who singer Roger Daltrey – his price for allowing his country house to be used for five murders.  Leading man Sam Elliott warned the Associated Press off the film: “It’s about 15 years behind its time.”
  3. Frank Windsor, Doctor Who #128: The King’s Demons, 1983.       Producer John Nathan-Taylor’s usual suspects were flagpoled for Sir Ranulf Fitzwilliam at the court of King John, circa 1215… Jeffrey, Joss Ackland, George Baker, Ian Bannen, Julian Glover, Michael Jayston, Dinsdale Landen, Alfred Lynch, TP McKenna, Clifford Rose, Peter Vaughan, Edward Woodward. Plus three Z Cars cop stars: booming Brian Blessed, Irish James Ellis… and the quiet Windsor. Jeffrey Whoved twice. As the colony Pilot (Prime Minister in the script) in #34: The Macra Terror, 1967, with Doc 2 Patrick Troughton, and Count Grendel in #101: The Androids of Tara, 1978, with Doc4 Tom Baker.
  4. Patrick Stewart, Lifeforce, 1984.  
  5. Aubrey Morris, Lifeforce, 1984.
  6. Laurence Payne, Doctor Who #140: The Two Doctors, TV, 1985.      Director Peter Moffatt shuffled 16 candidates for the dastardly Dastari, genetically experimenting on the Androgum race. Jeffrey, Joss Ackland, Bernard Archard, George Baker, James Bree, Michael Craig, Peter Cushing, Anton Diffring, Neil Hallett, Bernard Hepton, Freddie Jones, Jeremy Kemp, Clifford Rose, Nigel Stock, John Woodnutt. The semi-retired Payne won and joined the two (?) Time Lords, Doc2 Patrick Troughton and Doc 6, the short lived Colin Baker for the last of the Sontarans… until they bothered Doc10 David Tennant some 23 years later in #192a: The Sontaran Stratgem, 2008.
  7. William Gaunt, Doctor Who #142: Revelation of the Daleks, 1985.      For the second time, 25 actors were up for a single rôle… in Doctor flaming Who. How preposterous..! An unlikely choice for a mercenary, Gaunt was selected late in the game after an exhausting Orcini search through Joss Ackland, Ray Brooks, James Ellis, John Fraser, Peter Gilmore, Denis Lill, Philip Madoc, Peter Vaughan… Plus survivors of the astonishing army of 203 candidates for just 18 roles in Lifeforce the year before: Jeffrey, Tom Adams, George Baker, John Carson, Frank Finlay, Julian Glover, Michael Gothard, Del Henney, TP McKenna, Patrick Mower, Clifford Rose, Patrick Stewart, Nigel Stock, Anthony Valentine, David Warner and Frank Windsor. The difference being Who was science fiction and Lifeforce was science fart.

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