Peter Mullan

  1. Tommy Flanagan, Ratcatcher, 1999.    “I’d just got best actor at Cannes – and I had to audition twice for [director] Lynne Ramsey – and didn’t get the job!” Keen on directing films at 19, Mullan only became an actor when not admitted to the National Film School. He directed five films, 1993-2002, winning numerous international awards as director and as scenarist.
  2. Mark Rylance, Intimacy, 2001.    He passed on Patrice Chereau’s quite explicit sex drama.  Mullan remains the only man who has a Venice Golden Lion for best director, a best actor award at Cannes and…  an intimate knowledge of conditions inside Glasgow’s Barlinnie jail.
  3. Ken Stott, Rebus, TV, 2000-2004.     Although  Scottish, and therefore a far better choice than the suggested EastEnders star Leslie Grantham,  John Hannah felt mis-cast as Ian Rankin’s Scottishs cop, Detective Inspector John Rebus. “I wasn’t the critics’ or fans’ image of the character so it never really worked out.” Hannah suggested Peter Mullan… “But they’d only do it with me because ITV are very short-sighted – they look at who’s hot… regardless of whether that person is right for the part.” The Edinburgh-born Stott headlined the next ten chapters, 2006-2007.
  4. Gary Lewis, The Gangs of New York, 2002.     Rejected the £900,000 offer to promote his powerful directing piece, The Magdalene Sisters. His role went to another to a fellow Scot, one that he often works with – best known as Billy Elliott‘s Dad.
  5. Jonathan Pryce, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, 2003.    Still on the road with his own film despite receiving only 40% of his salary… even when it had made $20m. Pryce continued playing Governor Weatherby Swann in the two piratical sequels, 2006-2007.


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