Peter Trent

  1. Freddie Bartholomew, David Copperfield, 1934.     Two only  of the finalists from thousands of lads seen for the Dickensian hero’s boyhood matched the rule: being British and speaking with a cultured accent. Therefore, producer David O Selznick rejected Paramount’s “male Shirley Temple”  (his  younger brother, Ricky Holt,  was Melanie’s son in Gone With The Wind), plus Jackie Morrow and LB Mayer’s obvious favourite, The Champ’s kid Jackie Cooper. Theuy were all too American.  The English Trent  was first reserve -while Metro awaitied the anoth other Brit kid, Bartholomew,  to leave London for LA. And instant, global stardom. He was soon Hollywood’s highest paid kiddy – at $2,500 a week.

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