Philippe Labro

1. – François Truffaut, L’Enfant sauvage/The Wild Child, France, 1970. Realisateur Truffaut required an unknown to play Dr Itard, educator of the savage child found in a  forest. Labro, the radio-TV-print journalist, sometime film-maker (Sans Mobile apparent, L’Heritier) and best-selling novelist, was considered until the day Truffaut  associate  Suzanne  Schiffman entered Maurice Berbert’s office  at Films de la Carosse and said: “You know who can play Itard? François!!”  “Sans blague,” said Berbert. It was less egotistical than the perfect way for Truffaut to direct the 12-year-old sauvage – Jean-Pierre Cargol, gypsy nephew of gypsy guitarist Manitas de Plata.


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