Pilar Pellicer

  1. Pina Pellicer, One-Eyed Jacks, 1958.    Debuting director Marlon Brando looked at dozens of contenders  for his cowboy’s girl, Louisa. Then, he met the Pellicer  sisters: Pilar Pellicer López llergo and  Josefina Pellicer Lopez Llergo. At the time they had barely started their Mexican careers. Brando decided on Pina, one year older than Pilar.    Pina had better luck than the Chinese-American  Lisa Lu – her considerable role was cut on everyone’s advice as the film ran way too long.  Pina was even called back – when two years older! – to shoot a new ending,  She became one of her country’s best loved stars – in, for example the first Mexican film to win a n Oscar nomination, Macario. 1959. She quit after just five movies and sadly committed suicide at 30 in  1964.. Pilar  lived on to 2020, scoring 71 screen roles.

 Birth year: 1932Death year: 2020Other name: Casting Calls:  1