Rachel Kempson

  1. Barbara Murray, Doctor Who #120: Black Orchid, TV, 1982.         Despite a wish-list of 18 actresses, this was not a rehash of Sophia Loren’s 1958 Hollywood melo, but an adventure (with cricket!) in 1925 England for Doc5 Peter Davison. The choices for Lady Cranleigh were inevitable – such definitive ladies as Kempson (mother of Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave), Jean Anderson, Renee Asherson, Honor Blackman, Claire Bloom, Faith Brook, Kathleen Byron, Virginia McKenna, Muriel Pavlow, Maria Redmond, Dinah Sheridan, Elizabeth Spriggs… and 40s’ UK screen queens Phyllis Calvert, Joan Greenwood. But also two comic character stars Beryl Reid and Joan (Carry On) Sims and one Hammer horror ikon, Barbara Shelley!
  2. Philida Sewell, Troubles, TV, 1988.         A  week’s strike forced many cast  changes, such as Sewell taking over from Kempson (Michael Redgrave’s wife, Corin, Lynn and Vanessa’s mother)  as  Miss Johnston.

 Birth year: 1910Death year: 2003Other name: Casting Calls:  2