Rajesh Khanna

  1. Vinod Khanna, Parvarish (Upbringing), India, 1977.    Shammi Kapoor’s cop has two sons – one biological, one adopted.  Amitabh Bachchan, as the latter, becomes a cop while Vinod Khanna goes crooked. Khanna missed the blockbuister hit by insisting on being the bad son.  Director Manhohan Desai (king of the Masala movies) dropped him and Vinod accepted without reading the script.  Desai, after  all,  was Desai! And making four films at once, including Bachchan and Vinod (their good/bad sides reversed) in Amar Akber Anthony.
  2. Sanjeev Kuymar, Ram Tere Kitne Nam, India, 1984.  Ten years earlier, when director P Madhaven tried to re-make his 1970 Tamil film, Ram Ethanai Ramanadi, Khanna was to co-star with Dulai Guha. As his dance-card was full, he suggested Kumar as the perfect substitute.

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