Raymond Gerome

  1. Guy Tréjean, J’ai épousé une ombre, France, 1982.   For the parents of Francis Huster, French casting icon Dominque Besnehard suggested reuniting the Paris stage stars of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Madeleine Robinbson agreed; Gerome, did not. And how!  “You are insolent, sir! You know very well, that I didn’t get along with that woman. She’s a monster – plain nasty!” And he hung up with  few choice word about Besnehard’s  future or lack of it.  His future was fine, his choices instinctively correct… For example, Tréjean and Robinson (previously  selected by Besnehard for Romy Schneider’s mother in Une histoire simple) got on so well, they later co-starred in a Paris play, La Villa bleue.

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