Raymond Hatton

  1. Rufe Davis, Under Texas Skies,  1940.     After  eight  serials with Hatton, The Three Mesquiteers had new Lullaby Jones – the comic Davis, who  greatly resembled the second  Lullaby, Max Terhune. Davis, Bob Steele and the invincible Robert Livingston stuck together for the next seven serials. Hatton (aka Comedy  Relief; he’d been a 20s’ silent movie duo with Wallace Beery) had filled in between Lullabies as the baccy-chewing Rusty Joslin before a much longer saddle stint as Sandy Hopkins with The  Rough Riders and about 40 Johnny Mack Brown oaters.  B-expert Jerry Blake said Hatton had “a face like a cunning and disreputable turtle, a voice like a rusty gate.”    Between 1909-1967, Hatton made 471 movies!  (Only (?)  surpassed bvy veeran B heavy Tom London – “Ol’ Tom” – with 639 films, although Guinnesss Book of Records claims a total the thousands.  And to think most of these B-cowhands used to say they were (like the jockeys) merely “scufflin’ for groceries.”

 Birth year: 1887Death year: 1971Other name: Casting Calls:  1