Regé-Jean Page

  1. Cameron Cuffe, Krypton, TV, 2018-2019.   Our hero was Seg-El, grandfather of the future Jor-El – Superman to we earthlings. But the DC Films chairman, Geoff Johns made it quite  clear: “Superman could not have a black grandfather.”  Fans, he said would expect Grandad to look like Henry Cavill, the current Supie.  The handsome Page carried on auditioning and won a  Netflix show called…  Bridgerton.  And it (and Page) conquered the world. Indeed he rapidly became  the #1 favourite to be the eighth  Jams Bond  – but settled for rebooting Simon Templar: The Saint, instead)  While poor Seg-El (aha, Supie’s co-creator was Jerry Siegel) was buried after two seasons.
  2. Will Poulter, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, 2022.   Among the actors having to yeild to Poulter as Marvel’s Adam Warlock were the 1917 and Bridgerton breakthroughs: George MacKay and Regé.

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