Richard Beckinsale

  1. Robin Askwith, Confessions Of A  Window Cleaner, 1974.     Askwith  recalls trying to turn it down like Denis Waterman did – and “Richard, God bless him.” Robin went on to make four of the soft-bore “sex” series. He “trained” for  the raunchy role role by pissing on-screen in  Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Canterbury Tales, 1972.
  2. Richard Jordan, A  Nightingale Sang  In  Berkeley Square, 1980.     Excellent young British star of three crack TV series (he filmed one, Porrridge), Kate’s father died at age 34  just before the David Niven caper began shooting.  Porridge, 1974-77,is about the most repeated comedy on BBC–TV,  well into the 21st Century.

 Birth year: 1945Death year: 1979Other name: Casting Calls:  2