Richard Bright

  1. Al Lettieri, The Getaway, 1972.    “You’re not big enough,” firebrand director Sam Peckinpah told him. “I want you. But he [Steve McQueen] can’t see himself, for his image, for his fans, being chased by a smaller man. He has it in his mind that’s cowardice.”  “But, Sam,” said Bright, “it’s the little guys you have to watch out for (they’ll) climb up your legs and cut your fuckin’ throat.”  Lettieri was playing Al Netri in The Godfatherat the same time. Despite his  brother being a known New York Mafioso, Lettieri’s best scenes were clipped when McQueen re-edited the film to suit his contractual cut. Plus his image. And his fans.
  2. Dennis Hopper, Blue Velvet,  1986.    A good  sub for Hopper, Bright was The Godfather bodyguard Al Neri in the  Coppola trilogy. He died in a freak accident, run over by  the rear end of a Manhattan  tour bus – unknown to the driver.


 Birth year: 1937Death year: 2006Other name: Casting Calls:  2