Richard Burgi

  1. John Wesley Shipp, The Flash, TV, 1990-1991.   The tube version of DC Comics’ forensic scientist Barry Allen –  super speedy being struck by lightning and doused by chemicals (not his day, was it!) – was originally aimed at Jack Coleman. He didn’t fancy tights so the pilot was re-penned for Burgi, around the start of his career, but finally slipped to Shipp. He later played his own father, Henry, in the 2014 revamp series, starring Grant Gustin. From Norfolk, Virginia – just like Shipp.  Burgi guested as Deadly Nightshade in 1991. The show quickly died from a $1.5m per show budget and no audience to speak of.  Well, it was up against two family shows: Bill Cosby’s and The Simpsons.

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