Richard Chamberlain

  1. Richard Beymer, West Side Story, 1961.    Singers and non-singers, Robert Wise saw ’em all!       
  2. Charles Grodin, Catch 22, 1969.      There was a moment  when Charles Grodin was being moved from young Captain Andy Aardvark to old Colonal Cathcart – but  the old-man make-up tests sucked. Grodin moved back and Chamberlain was no longer required as his replacement. “I would’ve loved working with Mike Nichols. But if I’d done that, I would not have been available for Hamlet [at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, UK, 1968] which accomplished more for me, career-wise, than Catch-22 would have.”
  3. Harry Hamlin, Clash of the Titans, 1980.     Roger Ebert likened it to a Greek mythological retread of Star Wars. Also in the frame for Skywalker – er, Perseus – were, Chamberlain, Malcolm McDowell, Michael York, even an unknown body-builder called Arnold Schwarzenegger. So destiny for Hamlin. Ursula Andress played Aphrodite. Soon after shooting ended, she gave birth to their son, Dimitri.  
  4. Rock Hudson, Dynasty, TV,  1984-1985.     Rock signed on as Daniel Reece, when Chamberlain (another gay star) refused.
 And this proved to be Hudson’s final role, he died from AIDS on October 2, 1985.
  5. Kris Kristofferson, Amerika, TV, 1987.     Up for the hero (an ex-Presidential candidate) Devin Milford in an  alternate 1997, when  the US has been conquered, bloodlessly, by Russia…  Time magazine called a jarring mix of Norman Rockwell and Red Nightmare. The mini-series cost a very capitalistic $40m.In  the real ’87, the Kremlin threatened to shut down the ABC News office in Moscow  if the seven-chapter mini-series (full of slave-camps) was aired. It was and they didn’t.  


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