Richard Nixon

  1. Lew Ayres, Advise & Consent, 1961.       For his film, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning opening book in the Washington quintet (of six books!) by ex-New York Times congressional correspondent Allen Drury, producer-director-ogre Otto Preminger offered the vice-presidency to someone who had been in the job for eight years, 1953-1961. Which is, perhaps, why he rejected the invitation. Otto (“Vot you mean ogre?”) also tried to get Dr Martin Luther King for a Southern senator but he was more concerned with other matters. I treasure the film and the books (Drury wrote the last one, twice) – they introduced me to the circus that is US (indeed, global) politics.  

 Usual occupation: 37th US PesidentBirth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  1