Robert Carradine

  1. Dennis Christopher, California Dreaming, 1978.  Bobby, younger brother of Keith and younger half-brother of  David, had been first choice for the nerd TT, trying to fit in with Caliifornia surfers until finding  they didn’t have The Answer, either.  
  2. Christian Slater, True Romance, 1992.  Quentin Tarantino said he wrote the sad sack lovers Clarence and Alabama for Carradine and Joan Cusack They ended up as Slater and Patricia Arquette – despite the first producer Harvey Weinstein preferring Steve Buscemi.   Writer Quentin Tarantino, the UK director Tony Scott and Warnet Bros disagreed. Bye-bye Harvey… who  promptly  persuaded  QT to work with him and  not Warners in future. And so it came to pass.

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