Ronan Keating

  1. Ewan McGregor, Moulin Rouge! 2001.    “A perfect role for me but…” The Boyzone star auditioned in New York with the director Baz Luhrman’s wife playing Nicole Kidman’s part. “I just panicked. I was crap. I hate that I ws  crap” The handsome Irish singer lost out to the Scots actor – who could warble very well. “They didn’t have to be big singers,” Luhrmann explained, “but they had to be able to move you emotionally. Basically, Ewan and Nicole [Kidman] were the best for the job.” Baz  also looked over Jake Gyllenhaal,  Hugh Jackman and the Northern Irish singer-songwriter Tim Wheeler. 
  2. Hugh Dancy, King Arthur, 2003.    “The rejection was hard at first.” After the Baz experience, Keating took acting lessons and was seen for this and that. Such as Galahad in director Antoine Fuqua’s dark version of the hard day’s knights of the Round Table.
  3. Luke Evans, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, 2011.



 Birth year:  Death year:  Other name:  Usual occupation: Film director Casting Calls:  3