Ronne Troup

  1. Sally Field, The Flying Nun, TV, 1967-1970.   First idea for Sister Bertrille fled faster than Field could. Well, she passed on this chosen successor to her  unsuccessful Gidget series, and ABC nearly started shooting with the unknown (then and now) Ronne Troup, when Sal came back.  Step-father (and Tarzan and Sally-abuser) Jock Mahoney told her: Think of the regular money. Winning more jokes than kudos, the show almost ruined any career  cfor Field until Joanne Woodward insisted that she had to be TV’s Sybil in the outstanding1976 two-parter about a girl with multiple personalities – 16 of themShewon an Emmy and two future Oscars in her new, non-airborne career !
  2. Leslie Ackerman, The First Nudie Musical, 1975.   “Gotta sing, gotta dance/While I’m taking off my pants…”   Bobby Troup’s daughter (and, thereby, Julie London’s step-daughter) won the part of Susie Jones and then fretted about nudity and her song. She had, apparently, understood the title of the film she worked so hard to join.  Ackerman’s  songs were dubbed by Annette O’Toole, a future Lana Lang and Martha Kent.  And the first real nudical was Herschell Gordon Lewis and David F Friedman’s  Goldilocks and the Three[wait for it…] Bares, 1963.).

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