Rose Byrne

  1. Kate Winslet, Holy Smoke, 1999.     Director Jane Campion considered her for the lead but… Rose moved to New York and studied at the David Mamet Acting School and soon joined“that next group of actors they call if Scarlett (Johansson) or Keira (Knightley) turns down a part. But I feel really lucky. I know a lot of talented people who are better actors than me but haven’t had a break. It’s all down to timing and luck.”
  2. Diana Kruger, Troy, 2004.     German director Wolfgang Petersen saw the Aussiebeauty for Helen but Rose preferred the smaller role of Brisies. Immediately, the Warner publicity machine had her labelled The Next Big Thing.She laughed at that.“Everyone thinks I’m playing Sally to Brad Pitt’s Harry. And I’m not!” But she did spend most of her scenes rolling around naked with Brad Pitt… “making my girlfriends jealous.”
  3. Eva Green, Casino Royale, 2006.
  4. Zoe Kazan, What if, 2010.    Can guys ‘n’ girls be just… friends? Things changed between the drawing board and the set. Such as cousins MEW and Casey Affleck turning into cousins Kazan and Adam Driver.  In his first non-Harry Potter movie, Daniel Radcliffe outshone them all. Also seen for Chantry were Byrne, Rebecca Hall and Deborah Ann Woll.
  5. Elizabeth Debicki, The Man From UNCLE, 2013.  Byrne and Charlize Theron (already resuscitating Mad Max) were in  the frame but  the Australian became  the femme fatale Victoria on July 31, 2013.
  6. Margot Robbie, Focus, 2014.    First,  Kristen Stewart and  Emma Stone passed, then  Byrne, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Munn, Rosamund Pike, Michelle Williams were assessed for Jess, the beauty being coached in grifting techniques by an adoring Will Smith.  Robbie was on holiday on a  Croatian island  when called to an New York audition. She packed in 20 minutes, and by  catamaran, bus, two planes (waiting six hours for each), losing her luggage at JFK and wearing only denim shorts, shirt and no make-up,  she got to the audition on  time. Smith did not. “Hey, I was coming from Queens.” “Yeah?” snapped Robbie, “Well, I just came from an island off Croatia and I’m here on time.” She reckoned that  outburst won her the movie. 

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