Rudolf Nureyev

1. – Anthony Dowell, Valentino, 1977. The usually outrageous director Ken Russell always wanted Nureyev to play Nijinksy’s life. All plans were thwarted, so Ken offered him a two-day cameo as  the dancer in his next biopic. Then, when no Valentino could be  found,  Russell called  again  – and postponed  shooting  a year  to have a Tartar into a  Latin Lover. And a British Dowell  into the Russian dancer.

2. – George  de la Pena,  Nijinsky,  1980. Producer Harry Saltzman’s obvious choice to play (and dance)  the Russian ballet demi-god when first, Tony Richardson, then Ken Russell, were directing.  Never mattered which ballet star had the role for the British – they thought it was about their favourite racehorse!


 Usual occupation: Ballet IkonBirth year: 1938Death year: 1992Other name: Casting Calls:  0