Sabine Bonnaire

  1. Sandrine Bonnaire, A nos amours   (UK/US: To Our Loves), France, 1983.  The cclassic casting  tale of the girl goes meets a director (in this case,  réalisateur Maurice Piialat) and test for the lad of his new hfilm.  And, guess what…  she took her sister with her.  Whoops! Sis got the part!   And became a top star in the French industry (and had a daughter with William  Hurt).  In 2008, Sandrine released the intimate documentary she had been shooting for years about  her autistic sister,  Elle s’appelle Sabine (Her Name Is Sabine) and not as some of her fellow students used to call her: Crazy Sabine.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  12