Santino Fontana

  1. Zachary Levi, Tangled, 2009.   OK, so he lost Flynn Rider opposite Rapunzerl, but Disney called him back to be Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, in the studios $1bn smash-hit….
  2. Jonathan Groff, Frozen, 2012. … but first he had been voice-tested for Kristoff, the tough Iceman always accompanied by Sven – his loyal reindeer! After the script was changed (constantly since 2002), he tested for his second prince after Christopher in  Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Broadway  Cinderella. “Acting in front of a camera or on stage, you have to be aware of the whole arc,” he told Hollywood Reporter. “In animation, the script is constantly changing.  That’s a hug huge weight off your shoulders. You don’t have to get something right, because it’s going to change and they are going to edit it.  Great!”

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