Senta Berger

  1. Marianne Koch, Einer spielt falsch (Trunk to Cairo), Israel-West Germany,  1965.  Stephen Boyd and Berger churned into Audie Murphy and Koch for the ham-fiasted thriller about tracking Egypt’s nukes. Director was – oh no ! – Menahem Golan.
  2. Brigitte Bardot, Shalako, l968.  Producer Euan Lloyd’s first choice to partner Henry Fonda in the tale of Europeans on safari in the Old West.  He had  discovered her in Vienna, seven years earlier,  for Richard Widmark’s  The Secret Ways. “She was walking near the studio,  I stopped the car and said: Are you an actress – I’m a producer? She said: Get lost – fuck off!” Once Hollywood nixed Fonda and Lloyd won Sean Connery, he had to explain all to Senta. “Fortunately,  by this time she was becoming popular in Hollywood  and got another  film.”


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