Shepperd Strudwick

  1. Leonard Penn, Marie-Antoinette, 1937.   Strudwick was  in as Toulan.  Then, not as Penn took over. Much the same fate the he following year…
  2. Leslie Howard, Gone With The Wind, 1938. 
  3. Dana Andrews, Swamp Water, 1941.   Head Fox Darryl F Zanuck tested him  as Ben in Jean Renoir’s first US film since fleeing his Nazi-occupied France. As usual, Hollywood had scant respect for anyone who was better than Hollywood. Zanuck dared complain that the master réalisateur of La Grande Illusion, La bête humaine La règle du jeu, revered as the greatest film-maker by Chaplin and Welles, was too slow!! Renoir was fired, then asked to stay. Soon as the film was finished, he quit Fox. “He’s not one of us,” said DFZ. Dissolve. On the Oscar night of April 8, 1975, he received an honorary Academy Award for his career. One of his stars, Ingrid Bergman, picked it up for him. I know because I was there.
  4. George Montgomery, Roxie Hart, 1941.    According to a September 1941 Fox conference, exec producer Darryl F Zanuck suggested Shepperd (aka Strudwick) or Dana Andrews as Chicago  crime reporter Homer Howard… who weds the titular Ginger Rogers after her trial for murder in the Fox musical dedicated to“all the beautiful women in the world who have shot their men full of holes out of pique.”   Working titles included Chicago – used for Rob Marshall’s vigorous  2001 rendition.

 Birth year: 1907Death year: 1983Other name: John ShepperdCasting Calls:  4