Shirley Stoler

  1. Judith Drake, Angel Heart, 1986.  Or  Fallen Angel when UK director Alan Parker  asked  Shirley Stoler to be Izzy’s Wife.  And the unforgettable Martha Beck from the true life crime saga, The Honeymoon Killers, in 1968,  was delighted… until   nearly drowning during  a Coney Island sequence when she was hoisted by a freak wave  and flung out to sea.  She quit  and her sand-in  Judith took over.  She was, Parker had to admit, rather better for Izzy’s missus than Shirley was. It is, though, Shirley singing I Cried For You at the end of what had been her scene. 

 Birth year: 1929Death year: 1999Other name: Casting Calls:  1