Sonny Rollins

  1. Dexter Gordon, ‘Round Midnight, France, 1986.     Realisateur Bertrand Tavernier interviewed jazz giants like Rollins, Archie Shep, when writer Francis Paudras suggested Gordon. “But he disappeared two years ago, I think he’s dead.” Tavernier found him alive and well (enough) at 62. The percentage of alcohol  in his bloodstream was astonishing. Average amount: 33%. Over 250%: clinically insane. Dexter registered 1,200% – when he hadn’t drunk anything. A year after the film’s release, Gordon called his director about a letter he’d  received from Marlon Brando saying: “For the first time in 15 years, I learned something new about acting – from watching you.” Said Gordon:   “After that, who needs an Oscar!”


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