Stephanie Zimbalist

  1. Julie Christie, Heaven Can Wait, 1978. The star-producer-and-co-directior Warrene Beatty dropped Stephanie- sxhe made him look like he was cradle-snatching. Besides, Beatty and Christie were making up again after one of their splits…
  2. Nancy Allen, RoboCop, 1986.   The sudden, stupid and almost malicious idea of producing one more season of Remington Steele, not only cost Pierce Brosnan his 007 debut in The Living Daylights, 1986,  but Stephanie’s futuristic female lead. When Nancy  first watched Verhoeven  at work – and  nearly quit. She thought he was incompetent. No one told her he was helming part of an awful TV series, It’s Not My Problem…  to be seen on TV in the background of  certain shots. Nancy was a great cop. She knew the territory. Her father served in the NYPD ofr 30 years.


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