Steve James


  1. Paul Perri, Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection,  1989.       Norris was not keen on any sequel, and Cannon called in its B-action American Ninja series heroes to be Colonel Scott McCoy and Major Bobby Chavez. But Michael Dudikoff andJames never fancied what was then called Spitfire: Delta Force II. Norris then returned with a revised script and a new director – his brother, Aaron.
  2. Gregory NcKinney, Mortal Kombat, 1995.      Nickamed Lurch, James was been chosen much earlier for Jax, but died of pancreatic cancer. Director William Friedkin called him “one of the most nicest, toughest and professional actors I’ve ever worked with.” – in To Live and Die In LA, 1985. McKinney took over in the (weak) movie of the top video-game.


 Birth year: 1952Death year: 1993Other name: Casting Calls:  2