Sugar Ray RobInson

  1. Lionel Stander, Hart to Hart, TV.    Robert Wagner, TV’’s Cary Grant,  wanted his pal the ex-world middleweight boxing champion as  Max, the Hart couple’s butler and general all-around help.  Max, never written as a black man, got  ABC suits worried. They didn’t  want “Sugar Ray Slavery” headlines or a  new Rochester.  The pilot director, writer Tom Mankiewicz, found Stander in the studio commissary.  “Here’s the thing. I like to do the least amount of work for the most amount of money. Said Tom: “I think this part is right upyour alley, Lionel.”  And proved a great comeback for the 50s blacklist victim.

 Usual occupation: World middleweight boxing cham[ionBirth year: 1921Death year: 1989Other name: Casting Calls:  1