Susan Blakely

  1. Diane Keaton, The Godfather 1971.
  2. Jessica Lange, King Kong, 1976.    Was also Jessica’s rival to make the  Frances Farmer  bio first.  Jessica won with the movie, Frances, 1982. Undeterred, Susie made her version  for TV in 1983, Will There Really Be A Morning?
  3. Jacqueline Bisset, The Deep, 1976.   Wanted.   By Columuia Pictures. Someone… anyone “looking like Ursula Andress in a bikini.”  (So why didn’t they ask her to be Gail?)  Bisset beat fellow Brits Samantha Eggar, Charlotte Rampling, plus Candice Bergen, Katharine Ross and newcomers Susan Blakely, Christina Raines. But disliking the “silly and unfair” Andress line, she refused to be forced into a wet tee-shir!!   Still rjding the wave of The Detective, Bullitt, Airport, etc, she wanted Nick Nolte’s second billing.  He refused.  Until meeting her.
  4. Margot Kidder, Superman, 1977.

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