Suzanne Danielle

  1. Sherrie Lee Cronn, The World Is Full of Married Men, 1979.        Which word did you guys  not understand: No nudity!   Another British babe, Caroline Munro, refused to film  Jackie Collins’ book for the same reason. Stripping didn’t help Cronn. This was her first and last movie.
  2. Holly Aird,  Carry On Columbus, 1992.    The once fairly funny farces  had died a miserable death, 14 years earlier, with Carry On  Emmannuelle.  Danielle, the Emmannuelle in question, had long since retired but agreed to come back, as Countess Esmeralda,  to aid director Gerald Thomas, a close friend after all these years. In the event, she was lucky enough to find she was pregnant. In 2004, this was was voted – by UK film pros – as the worst British picture ever made.
  3. Tara Ward, Doctor Who #130: Warriors of The Deep, 1984.      For Doc5 Peter Davison’s finale, 18 stunners were shuffled for Preston…Danielle, Ward, Lynda Bellingham, Sarah Berger, Isla Blair, Patricia Finnegan, Jenny Hanley, Diane Keen, Rula Lenska (Dr Styles in #133: Resurrection of the Daleks, TV, 1984), Susan Penhaligon (Lakis in #64: The Time Monster, 1972), Bond Girl Pamlea Salem, Susan Skipper, Catherine Schell (Countess Scarlioni in #105: City of Death, 1979), Primi Townsend (Mula in #99: The Pirate Planet, 1978), Wanda Ventham (the mother of Benedict Cumberbatch), Fiona Walker… And two Ken Russell favourites: Georgina Hale and Helen Mirren. Suzanne “The Body” Danielle had been Agella in # 104: Destiny of the Daleks, 1979.


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