Suzanne Neve

  1. Susannah York, Freud, 1962.         A lucky escape for the UK TV actress… The French existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre wanted Marilyn Monroe as Sigmund’s patient with hysterical paralysis, Cecily Koertner. Except, his script was never used. Too long – “as thick as my thigh,” said director John Huston. Having tortured Montgomery Clift during the film, Huston castigated poor York afterwards – “the personification of the uninformed arrogance of youth.” When she refused to shoot a scene as written. Huston called the production manager, he called her agent who advised her to do what she was told. From then on “she was obedient – but barely.”
  2. Prunella Ransome, Man in the Wilderness, 1970.         Three great Brits – Neve, Jennifer Daniel, Rachel Gurney – were seen for Grace – opposite Richard Harris arris in, in a the lifeless version of the same tale of human endurance as in Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar-winning The Revenenant, 2015.

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