Syd Crossley

  1. Oliver Hardy,  Duck Soup, 1926.    While Stan Laurel  concentrated (as usual) on the gags (based, this time, one of his father’s old music-hall sketches), producer Hal Roach suddenly dropped his regular player, the Cockney Crossley, and turned Hardy into the other hobo.  And a star team was born.  Er, kind of… They were first listed as Hardy & Laurel.  And made  another ten shorts together – or not exactly ensemble – before director Leo McCarey saw the light and the screen’s most famous doube act (almost a trio with James Finlayson) really started in The Second Hundred Years. And continued during 1927-1950.   Crossley made 116 films, 1925-1942, in  the UK and US.

 Birth year: 1885Death year: 1960Other name: Casting Calls:  1