Sydne Rome

1. – Melody Johnson, Gaily, Gaily, 1969. As usual, Canadian director Norman Jewison’s great eye for new girls was in focus. But Sydne was shooting Some Girls Do at the British   Pinewood studios. “Betty Box and Ralph Thomas would not let me go,” she told me in Monaco. “If they had, that would have   changed my life – forever. Instead of a   US career, I stayed in Europe, fell in love with a   photographer on the Pinewood set, lived with him in   Italy.”   And Rome went into Rome movies, plus German and Russian.

2. – Jo Ann Harris, Cat Ballou, TV, 1965.   ”I was flown to LA – probably because of [director] Roman Polanski’s What?   – to make the pilot for NBC. I was on the set, all dressed up, but I’d been in Egypt just before and I had this terrible   dysentery. They wanted to sue me!   For having dysentery!” (Columbia’s Screen Gems division    actually shot   two pilots, with   Lesley Ann Warren and. Jo Ann.   They were aired on successive nights.   Neither one led to a series).   “So again, a Hollywood career was stopped.   That must   have been a message from the universe.”

3. – Ewa Aulin, Candy, 1969.


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