Sylva Koscina

  1. Daniela Bianchi, From Russia with Love, i 1963.
  2. Claudine Auger, Thunderball,  1965.  
  3. Beba Loncar, Some Girls Do, 1968.    UK producer Betty E Box  was trying to make up for her worst error.  In the mid-60s, sheconfessed to me how  she turned down a book called… Casino Royale.  So now she was churning another Brit hero, an old WWI veteran, into a modern-day rival to 007(!).  She wanted La Koscina to reprise her  Penelope  from Betty’s first 1964  Bulldog Drummond adventure, Deadlier Than the Male. The two Drummond movies were, basically, TV pilots. But The Man From UNCLE had cornered that telly-Bond market. Johnson, in fact, was Terence Young’s main choice for 007at the start of it all – Dr No, 1962.He would have been awful if he was as glum as his Drummond.


 Birth year: 1933Death year: 1994Other name: Casting Calls:  3