Sylvester McCoy


  1. Tony Haygarth, Dracula, 1978. The future, seventh  Doctor Who (1987-1989) lost the role of Milo Renfield, but director John Badham liked him so much, he found him another character by dividing Teddy Turner’s Swales in two …and then excised him from the final cut!
  2. Ian Holm, The Lord of the Rings  trilogy, 2001-2003.
  3. Jonathan Pryce, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,  2002.  The first one…  no, second!   Disney would not permit even the mighty Steven Spielberg to film the original Ted Elliott-Terry Rosio script based on the sacrosanct Disneyland ride. Well, pirate movies hadn’t worked since their 40/50s’ heyday. He’d wanted Steve Martin, Bill Murray or Robin Williams as Captain Jack Sparrow… Like Peter Jackson, SSpielberg was a Whovian and so the seventh Doctor Who, 1987-1989, was due to be Governor Weatherby Swann in the early 90s. (Jackson expanded the role of the wizard Radagast for McCoy in The Hobbit, trilogy).
  4. John Sumner, King Kong, 2005.   The seventh and first non-English Dr Who (he’s Scottish, even though his real name is… Smith) had a second meeting withNew Zealand director Peter Jackson… who later expanded the role of the wizard Radagast for McCoy in the next JR Tolkeintrilogy, The Hobbit, 2012.




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