Sylvia Lopez

  1. Dawn Addams, Voulez-vous danser avec moi?/Come Dance With Me, France, 1959.     Jinxed Brigitte Bardot movie. Sylvia, famous as Steve Reeves’ co-star in Hercule et la Reine de Lydie,  died  from terminal leukemia early in the shooting – and BB’s leading man, Henri Vidal, died at the end.
  2. Mai Britt, The Blue Angel, 1959.       Presumably suggested for Lola-Lola by ex-Fox chief Darryl Zanuck, who kept an firm eye on new Euro-beauties (as did UK producer Betty E Box).
  3. Shirley MacLaine, Can-Can, 1960.     Another Zanuck notion – forSimone Pistache. However, Frank Sinatra kept faith with his Clan.
  4. Jean Simmons, Spartacus, 1960.     Her LAgent had beenworking hard, building her a Hollywood base before Sylvia died at age 28. Ingrid Bergman, Elsa Martinelli, Jeanne Moreau refused the role of Varinia.So did Simmons until asked again – this time to replace the unsatisfactory Sabine Bethman.
  5. Belinda Lee, Messalina Venere imperatrice, Italy,1960.     Or just plain: Mess.And poor Belinda was dead, herself,within a year at 25 – followinga car smash while on holiday in California.
  6. Perrette Pradier, Les Scelerats (The Wretches), France, 1960.    Her death gave PP the first of her 25 movies, including a Hollywood production.


 Birth year: 1931Death year: 1959Other name: Casting Calls:  6