Terry Crews

  1. Jason Momoa, Conan The Barbarian, 2010. When the plan was a black barbarian, the former LA Rams footballer turned actor (40 screen roles) lost out on succeeding Arnold Schwarzenegger to the big guy from Honolulu and Stargate Atlantis.
  2. Jamie Bell, Fantastic Four, 2014.     Crews was extremely keen on being Ben Grimm, The Thing. Director Josh Trank, not so much. And so, Bell became the first British Thing – after Michael Chiklis and Michael Bailey Smith in the previous flps. Two other firsts. CGI was used in place of prosthetics and The Thing was not booted or suited – no boots or pants. Film flopped. (Only ever made to save the rights). Hollywood Reporter critic Todd McCarthy called it  “a 100-minute trailer for a movie that never happens.”  Marvel icon Stan Lee saw it coming and refused his seal-of-approval cameo. Kebbell called it a learning experience.

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