Thora Birch

  1. Kirsten Dunst, Little Women, 1994.    Portman, Thora Birch  and Christina Riccci were in the Amy frame for Australian director Gillian Armstrong.
  2. Jessica Campbell, Election, 1999.  Sacked by director Alexander Payne after three days…  from his distaff version of What Makes Sammy Run. Hence Tracy Flick –  in place of  Budd Schulberg’s Sammy Glick,
  3. Camilla Bell, The Quiet, 2005. Birch was the original selection for Dot – but Belle provided a a litle extra. She could play most of her piano music.
  4. Elizabeth Blackmore, Evil Dead, 2012.   First of theEDsaga not directed by Sam Rami. He was, however, enthusiastic about the reboot plan.  The new, Uruguayandirector Feder Alvarez, got stuck in the B pages when searching for his Natalie. He saw Birch and Agnes Bruckner  – but gave the scream queen to Blackmore. 

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