Tommy Rall

  1. Frankie Vaughan, Let’s Make Love, 1960.  Or Billionaire when Missouri’s great dancer-singer-actor (Kiss Me Kate, Seven Brides for Seven  Brothers) was being considered to join  the on/dff-screen lovers, Marilyn Monroe and French icon Yves Montand. The, someone mentioned how well Liverpool’s  handsome Vaughan was doing in UK movies like The Lady is s Square. He was quickly snaped up even though he rather like an English Montand.  Even to finding their showbiz names. Ivo Levi’’s mother used to shout to him from a high window, “Ivo montant” (“Ivo, come up here”) and when Frank Abelson’s granny heard he was going to be a singer, she said: “Then you vill be the best von there ever vas.

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