Tony Hale


  1. Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family, TV, 2009-2011.    The Arrested Development star and Conan O’Brian’s chat-show sidekick Andy Richter were first choices for the gay parents, Cam and Mitch, in The Office-style mockumentary.   Soon enough Hale was a  triple Emmy-winner (2013-2015) for his superb Gary Walsh, groveling bagman for Julia Louis-Dreufuss as the titular Veep.“You’d hate the flowers,” he said to her coffin in the 2019 fionale. “But I brought the Dubonnet.”
  2. James McAvoy, Gnomeo and Juliet, 2010.   Hale and Adam Sandler (!!) were surprise ideas for Gnomeo, the blue gnome in l e with the red gnomette, Juliet, in this garden gnomes’ (take on Shakespeare (voiced by Patrick Stewart)  with, of course, producer Elton John’s songbook – Benny and the Jets, Rocketman, Your Song, et al. Bard jokes included  houses numbered 2B and Not 2B and the As U Like It moving company.

  3. Ty Burrell, Mr Peabody & Sherman, 2012.   The Veep’s Hale,  Dan Aykroyd, Robert Downey Jr, Kelsey Grammer, Matthew McConnaughey, Kevin Pollak, Freddie Prinz Jr, and Geoffrey Rush, were run up the DreamWorks flagpole for voicing Mr. Peabody. Who. Is. A. Dog. But, yes, the most amazing dog in history:  inventor, scientist, Noble laureate, gourmet chef, business tycoon, double Olympic gold medalist. With its own time machine. Plus an adopted human son!  The Modern Family TV star was saluted for a voice suiting “not just the intellect and the suave personality, but the underlying warmth as well.” 

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