Tony Zale

  1. Court Shepard, Somebody Up There Likes Me, 1956    Paul Newman trained long and hard at Stillman’s Gymn in Manhattan on inheriting the real boxing champ Rocky Graziano from the tragically dead James Dean. Newman even sparred with the Zale, the ex-world  middleweight champ who fought three great bouts with Graziano during 1946-1948.  Proud of his physical condition, Newman got a little cocky and Zale stopped playng about and started really punching him. “I don’t mind waltzing a little bit, but ya gotta show who the boss is.”  Consquently, he lost his deal to play hmself in the movie. Hoping no one would notice the difference, MGM never gave Shepard any credit.

 Usual occupation: Ex-world middleweight champion boxerBirth year: 1913Death year: 1997Other name: Casting Calls:  12