Tyler Reynolds

  1. Jamie Gillis, The Opening of  Misty Beethoven, 1975.    Pygmalion Goes Porno!  A sexologist swears he can transform hooker Misty from “the nadir of passion” to someone who inspires passion. Reynolds was dumped as the sex doc after rows with New York director Henry Paris (aka Radley Matzger, of course), who immediately gave Gilliis (New York’s  busiest and ever-dependable porno veteran) a wittier rôle than his usual rough trade. When his current lover, Janet Graham, quit, Jamie even suggested her replacement: Gloria Leonard,  future editor of High Society magazine. In a pornoland first, Metzger took six weeks to shoot his tale and twelve nmore to edit it!  The result was “the greatest adult film ever made,”  said  Ashley West’s Rialto Report website. No, Metzger’s  1974 Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann was way better. 

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