Valerie Curtin

  1. Joyce DeWitt, Three’s Company, TV, 1976-1984.    In the first (unaired) pilot (written by Lary Gelbart, no less), the cousin of Saturday Night Live’s Jane Curtin was Jenny (not Janet) opposite John Ritter’s David Bell (not Jack Tripper) as ABC revamped the UK hit, Man About The House
    , 1973-1976, all, about er, Robin and Jo for 39 episodes. DeWitt became Janet in the  second pilot and 171 slapsticky chapters  – typical American overkill!
  2. Teri Garr, Mr Mom, 1983.     For his first starring role, Michael Keaton was a sudden house husband. His working wife – Mrs Dad? – was selected from, Garr, Curtin, Karen Allen, Farrah Fawcett and Sally Field.

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