Vera Famiga

  1. Michelle Monaghan, Machine Gun Preacher, 2011.   Change of wife for Gerard Butler as the real life bhero, Sam Childers – ex-drug-dealer, biker and general badass tough guy who found God and decided to save children soldiers in the Sudan.
  2. Andrea Riseborough, WE, 2011.    A change of wife for the Duke of Windsor, the ex- King Edward VIII – Wallis Simpson, the divorcee who pulled His Majesty off the British throne. The director (and financier) was Madonna. In the troubled shoot, she also lost three of her chosen cast (Vera Farmiga, Ewan McGregor, Margo Stilley), her producer and her casting director!   All suffering, you know… creative differences. The movie was often hilarious. Unintentionally, it is supposed. 

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