Virginia Field

  1. June Storey,  In Old Chicago, 1937.      Forget the great Chicago fire of October 9, 1871 (the Fox answer MGM’s San Francisco earthquake),  the British Field, “most beautiful blonde in the world” (said Walter Winchell) was required for a rather better participation in Ali Baba Goes to Town… final film of Douglas Fairbanks  Snr.  The Canadian blonde Storey became  the  most regular pardner of the singing cowboy Gene Autry. 
  2. Gloria Dickson, Power of the Press, 1942.      Dixon is a new name to me, but she made a terrifc assistant to courageous newspaper publisher Guy Kibbe in Sam Fuller’s script about (as hw would bellow) THE FIRST AMENDMENT’S FREEDOM OF THE PRESS and against fake news. Several critics called it Capraesque – ironically, as Frank Capra made a (different) film with the same title in… in 1927).

 Birth year: 1917Death year: 1972Other name: Casting Calls:  2