Vivek Oberoi


  1. Sanjay Dutt, Munnabhai MBBS, India, 2003.      Oberoi was an early choice for the Mumbaigangster persuading his parents that he is their dream – a doctor.
  2. Saif Ali Khan, Hum Tum, India, 2004.       Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan were also sought for Karan – the Bollywood Version of Harry… meeting Sally…
  3. Ajay Devgan, Kaal, India, 2005.      His schedule ruled outthe lead – but he managed a camero as Dev.
  4. Abhishek Bachan, Guru, India, 2006.      Oberoi didn’t do it and didn’t want to talk about it. “We have our own reasons for not doing the film andIwill work with [director] Mani Ratnam again”
  5. Arjun Rampal, Om Shanti Om, India, 2007.      When Oberoi declined, Rampal agreed. However, the film remainsbetter known as the Hindi debut of model Deepika Padukone, daughter of badminton legend Prakash Padukon and quickly as big,if not bigger than the other two girls.
  6. Tamsin Egerton, The Lovers (UK: Time Traveller), Australia-Belgium-India, 2013.    A most fortuious pregnancy enabled Neve Campbell to quit what Slant Magazine’s Clayton Dillard put down as “a shamelessly derivative and preposterous would-be blockbuster that goofily fashions itself as a sweeping romance, time-travel sci-fi tale, and gallant period piece all at once.” The nadir of UK director Roland Joffé’s career was originally called… Singularity(!) There was even one character namcd Egerton. And the circa 1778 hero was called… James Stewart!


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