Walter Reed


  1. Dennis O’Keefe, The Story of Dr Wassell, 1943.      When first choices Alan Ladd and Robert Preston joined the real WWII…   Reed, Dana Andrews, Alan Baxter, James Brown, Michael O’Shea, Barry Sullivan, Richard Whorf were also seen for Hoppy Hopkins. the wounded sailor inspired to live by the love of Carol Thurston’s native nurse, Tremartini, inevitably nicknamed Three Martini.
  2. -Edward Platt, Rebel Without A Cause, 1955.      For Fremick, the sympathetic juvenile division counselor, director Nicholas Ray had the choice of Richard Crane (not with his Rocky Jones, Space Ranger image!), Peter Grey, Walter Reed, James Whitmore. Even Superman George Reeves… Fremick was named after Old Nick (!), hardly the juvenile counselor type as he was known to testing potential Judies… from Jayne Mansfield to under-age Natalie Wood.  In bed!

 Birth year: 1916Death year: 2001Other name: Casting Calls:  2