Will Toale

  1. Justin Hartley, Aquaman, TV, 2006. For the Smallville creators, Al Gough and Miles Millar, the idea of an Aquaman series stemmed from the episode #92, Aqua, starring Ritchson as Arthur “AC” Curry, aka, Aquaman, trying to stop Lex Luthor’s undersea weaponry. As it won the highest ratings of the fifth season and he made three later Aqua-apperances and voiced him in the DVD toon, Justice League: The New Frontier, the handsome, blond North Dakotan felt he had the any series in the bag. Not so. The Smallvillers didn’t want the spin-off to be classed as… a spin-off! So Toale was hired from an alleged 400-plus candidates – and he was dropped, as well. Hartley, aka Green Arrow in Smallville, took over. Gough and Millar’s feeling that they had another 100-plus episode winner came to nothing but the tele-movie… which I guess, they didn’t want classed as a pilot, either!

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