William Collier Snr

  1. Robert McWade, Thirty-Day Princess, 1934.  Shooting was delayed for three days when Collier fell ill .  He was eventually replaced by McWade as a newspaper’s managing editor.   Collier ran away from home to go on the stage – at eleven. He made 43 screen roles – dpoi9bled by his stepson’s William Ciollier Jnr’s 87.  Having by now help save Paramount from bankruptcy with his two Mae West films, Cary Grant was infuriated by the script, by being forced into it by his contract and by the often scathing reviews. He asked to select, or at least approve, all future roles. Sure thing said the suits – and immediately loaned him to Fox for the even worse  Born to be Bad.

 Birth year: 1894Death year: 1944Other name: Casting Calls:  1